Satellite Television Music Channels

Among the features that typically come included with a subscription to satellite TV service are satellite music channels. This service consists of numerous channels of commercial-free, all digital audio programming. The typical channels include a huge variety of music, news, traffic and weather, sports, talk, and other entertainment programming. The two major companies that deliver satellite radio programming are Sirius and XM.

Although satellite radio channels often come with TV service, the radio programming can be ordered separately as well. Get satellite radio channels in your home, car, or on the go. You can even add them to your existing home or car stereo. For subscribers to satellite TV, the standard receiver also functions as a satellite radio receiver for your home.

To equip your home, you either need a satellite home receiver, or you could upgrade your existing stereo with a plug and play hardware device and a home kit.

For your car, you would need either a satellite compatible stereo head unit, or upgrade your current unit with a plug-and-play hardware device and a car kit. Many new cars come equipped from the factory, ready to be activated with satellite radio service.

Another great perk is that all receivers display the channel name, artist, and song title that is being broadcast.

The satellite radio channels that are included in DIRECTV and Dish Network service are normally supplied by Sirius or XM or another company.

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