Satellite Dish Installation

When you place your order for satellite sevice, you will have two installation options. Either receive a professional installation, which is often free, or attempt to perform the installation yourself.

If you choose to receive professional installation, you will be able to schedule a time for a technician to visit your location and perform the installation of the dish along with any other equipment such as receivers and DVRs. This installation can be scheduled immediately or at any time you specify.

Do it yourselfers have the option of performing their own work. But a satellite TV installation kit is necessary. This includes hardware along with an installation guide.

Here is what will happen if you opt for the professional installation. As a requirement, your dish will need to be mounted on the exterior of your home, with a clear line of exposure to the southern sky. The dish can be mounted on a wall, pole, fence, roof, stand or any immobile object around your location. A good idea would be to mount the dish in a low-foot-traffic area or an inconspicuous area. The dish will then have to be aimed, and grounded for electrical protection.

Next, any new cables will be routed into your home, and even through your walls. A receiver will be installed in every room that you specify. And once everything is set up, the technician will ensure that your system is working properly. They will even show you how to operate your new system.

Rest easy knowing that if you ever have technical problems, you can easily schedule a service call with DIRECTV or Dish Network or contact customer service and your dish will be fixed.

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